Nutcrackers for Collectors 



Mystery Object 1


This not-quite-pair of objects are made of a hardwood (beech, possibly) and are 36 cms long. They are both covered with fine herringbone pattern carving and have the same rectangular aperture in the centre. Each aperture has a hole in each end, one of which has the remnants of what looks like a piece of string. They both have a single hole in one side of the aperture.

Are they related to knitting sheaths in some way ? Or perhaps some kind of stay busk ?

 Mystery Object 2


These objects are tied together with an old piece of string and have what appear to be hand-made bells attached at the bottom. They were obviously brightly painted originally - red and green paint is still visible. They are 23 cms long.

It has been suggested that they were made to be worn by Morris Dancers, with the string passing around the neck ? The bells have a Morris Dancing-sounding jingle.



I would appreciate any information that you can supply on the purpose or origin of the objects on this page.