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Nutcracker Number : 96


Date :     Early 19th Century
Size :      17.5 cms tall
Marks :   None

A very nice boxwood nutcracker in the form of a hatted man with stick and dog. Probably Swiss or French and a one-off - not 'tourist ware'. Great detail in his face, coat and in the dog sitting at his side. There is a small crack at the back of his head(see 5th picture) but he is structurally sound and has great colour.

 Price :  £290 / $480 / 299 Euros


Nutcracker Number : 98


Date :     19th Century
Size :      17 cms tall, 12 cms wide
Marks :    PATENT 29795 (slightly indistinct)

Iron TOUGH NUT cracker modelled as a sailor sitting on a lobster pot. This is a percussion nutcracker - the nut is inserted into his belly and cracked by pressing down on his head. The head should automatically return to the top position (as in picture 1) but this one doesn't so I suspect the internal spring has broken. It looks like a simple job to replace this and he has no other cracks, splits or pieces missing. A rare nutcracker.
Price :
£280 / $405 / 295 Euros


Nutcracker Number : 99

Date :     Late 18th century
Size :      9.5 cms long
Marks :   '
'4' inside each lever

A small English hazel cracker with incised arrowhead decoration around the jaws. In very good condition despite it's age.
Price : £70 / $119 / 84 Euros


Nutcracker Number : 100

Date :     19th Century
Size :      19 cms long (closed)
Marks :    'RIGI'

Finely-carved yew wood screw nutcracker, Swiss or French. The carved hand is holding a carved nut inside which the nut to be cracked is placed. In pristine condition.
Price : £80 / $136 / 85 Euros

    Nutcracker Number : 102

Date :     Late 18th/Early 19th century
Size :      13 cms long
Marks :   none

A Swiss/French or German screw cracker in the shape of a cross-legged man sitting on a pedestal. This form of nutcracker often has more ornate handles for the screw, this one is more compact and workmanlike. There is little evidence of use inside the nut cavity but the handle has good patina from handling. He has lost his feet and has several worm-type holes  (see pictures) but is in good general condition for a piece of this age.

Price : £230 / $391 / 276 Euros


Nutcracker Number : 104

Date :     Mid to Late 19th Century
Size :      18 cms long
Marks :    None

A screw nutcracker depicting a squirrel eating a nut. His fur is very well carved as many vertical incisions, the base is in the form of a turned pillar. The screw thread shows some wear but generally in very good condition.
Price : £70 / $119 / 84 Euros

Nutcracker Number : 105

Date :     Mid to Late 19th Century
Size :      16 cms long
Marks :    None

A French screw nutcracker depicting a man wearing a tassled hat. Excellent condition.
Price : £120 / $204 / 144 Euros

Nutcracker Number : 106

Date :     Mid 19th Century
Size :      25.5 cms long
Marks :    None

English kitchen nutcracker in beech with original handmade ironwork. Excellent condition with good patina.
Price : £80 / $136 / 96 Euros


Nutcracker Number : 109

Date :     19th Century
Size :      8 cms long
Marks :    None

English screw hazelnut cracker made of oak. It has a couple of long-dead worm holes and the typical marks of teeth being used on the handle to crack a tough nut.
Price : £35 / $60 / 42 Euros

Nutcracker Number : 110

Date :     19th Century
Size :      16 cms long
Marks :    None

English lever cracker made of beech. This is an unusual form with the lower lever being formed from a natural bend in the wood. It has suffered from woodworm in the past but is structurally very sound (I wouldn't recommend cracking any nuts with it though).
Price : £80 / $136 / 96 Euros

  Nutcracker Number : 111

Date :     Late 18th/early 19th Century
Size :      11cms long
Marks :    None

Simple English steel hazelnut cracker with serrated grips inside the jaws and simple filed decoration at the top of the levers.
Price : £45 / $76 / 54 Euros

Nutcracker Number : 112

Date :    20th Century
Size :      14 cms long
Marks :    'REG 832301'

English brass nutcracker in the shape of a sailing ship.
Price : £40 / $68 / 48 Euros




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These nutcrackers are available for sale or swap. They are duplicates from my own collection and others that I’ve acquired as part of job lots etc. Some are the actual ones pictured in my book. If you have an interesting nutcracker to swap please email me a picture and details. If you're interested in buying one of them, also email me ( include the Nutcracker Number) and I will confirm availability. The prices shown exclude shipping costs. I prefer payment via a Euros bank transfer but other methods may be possible.

I also have several duplicates of other brass and steel English nutcrackers so please email me if there is something you are particularly looking for.

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